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How to get Grand Theft Auto : SA free.

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1 How to get Grand Theft Auto : SA free. on March 30th 2018, 9:28 pm



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If you want to play the Grand Theft Auto : San Andreas game for free, you can follow this step by step guide to get it..
DO NOT REDISTRIBUTE THIS GUIDE ANYWHERE ELSE, you may share this page on Facebook or anywhere but do not
rewrite this exact guide.


Before we begin, you'll need WinRAR for Windows, this will allow you to extract the file anywhere on your computer...


Click here and visit the Mediafire website, big thanks to ItsTeemo for providing us this download.


Once you've downloaded the GTA SA.rar file, usually downloaded in your Downloads Folder, right click (   ) the file,
then click (Extract Here), once you've done that, you should have a GTA SA folder in same location where the .rar file was.


After you've extracted the file and open up the GTA SA folder, scroll down until you find the GTA SA.exe file, double click that and you'll
be playing Single Player Grand Theft Auto SAN ANDREAS.

 If you wanna play Multiplayer, continue this tutorial.
Rest of this tutorial is optional, it's not required to play GTA SA, but if you wish to
download Multiplayer, then the rest of this tutorial is required. 


Visit the official MTA website, which can be found here.


Once the download is completed, usually they end up in the downloads folder, but this depends where your download destination is set in your browser, double click the mtasas-1.5.5.exe icon, Install the MTA Application onto your computer, later into the installation it'll ask for the GTA SA Location, just go where the GTA SA Folder is installed, open it up, and double click the GTASA.exe icon, you must do this through the installer.


Once the install is completely finished, goto your desktop and double click the Multi-Theft-Auto icon in your desktop, if you cannot find it, then you'll need to find where you installed the MTA SA Folder at and load it from there. 

(Tutorial Rewritten by Rondell W. Ivey)

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