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Reports are enabled.

on March 31st 2018, 11:18 am
You can now report topics on the forums by clicking the  button...
if you see a post on ITRK Global that you believe shouldn't be there, click that button
to report it... 

Once you've reported a post, the button should look like this , that means the
post was successfully sent to the administrators, you'll receive PM's regarding the status
of the report from an administrator who accepts the report. 

If you see find a post with the button  instead, that means an administrator
has locked the post from further reports, only time you'll find this, is when a post was already
reported and administrators has already taken care of it or is in the process of taking care of it..

This feature was placed here so users can report topics they find unsafe, or violates site rules,
or just feels that it shouldn't be there in general, even though help is appreciated, don't try to
take problems into your own hands, always just report a post and let the administrators handle it, attempting to mini-mod or take problems into your own hand can end up getting you into trouble on here as well. 

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