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Update 4/4/2018

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1 Update 4/4/2018 on April 4th 2018, 2:00 am


Here's a list of what's changed in the latest ITRK Global update for 4/4/2018.

  • Added an affiliate list on bottom of the forums. 
  • Updated the emojis to these           
  • Updated the forums (click here to see.
  • Updated the archive system, topics older than 90 days will automatically be placed in the Archive area. 
  • Enabled the permission for guests to post within' the forums area. 
  • Enabled the email-verification back on, new accounts must verify their accounts now. 
  • Removed the topic'it login feature. 
  • Updated the Facebook login feature. 
  • Moved chat from top of the forums to the toolbar, must be logged in to see it. 
  • Updated the birthday system, users will now receive an PM on their birthday which will contain a happy birthday message. 
  • Reformed the ranks and administration groups to work with the new forums update properly. 
  • Removed the permission that allowed members to set topics as "Important" or "Hot Topic" which was an admin only feature. 

These are potentially coming soon features. 
These features are currently under testing by developers, which means they may or may not be added in the future updates.

  • Adding more member ranks to the system.
    [New Member > Member > Well Known Member > Senior Member]
    and plenty more ranks which is unannounced. 

These test features will be used on our test website which is

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