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descriptionHow to get verified on ITRK Global?

How to get the verification badge beside your name on ITRK Global?

It's a very simple process to obtain them, here's how. 

  1. If you have multiple ITRK Global accounts, login to the one you want to obtain the verification badge on. 

  2. Send a message to @Scyther, the ITRK Global Bot, and be sure the message is in this format, else the form won't be sent to us. 
    Username: Scyther
    Subject: Verification Badge
    Message: You can type anything there, although just don't beg for the verification badge when sending this. 

  3. Check back in 12 to 24 hours for a response from Scyther, in this response it will indicate if you've been approved or denied..

Did you get denied? 

If you was denied to have the verification badge available on your name, then it's one of the reasons below. 

  • Your account already verified.
  • Your account was previously verified but the verification was removed.
  • Your IP was suspended from receiving an Verification Mark. 
  • Your account was previously suspended from ITRK. 
  • You changed your Username or Email address before or after you received a verification mark.
  • There's already an account that's the same as your username or is similar, in this case, if you're the actual authentic person that represents that name or
    was originally the first person with that name, or somebody is impersonating your name, contact me at @Rondell or

Official ITRK Affiliates

If you're an official ITRK Affiliate, you can also obtain the verification as well..
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