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Social Sharing Rules

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1 Social Sharing Rules on April 12th 2018, 2:24 pm


Even though this is shown above topic creations, replies and whatnot, I am putting this here for users who acknowledge incase you somehow, miss the rules box.

-- Do not spam
-- Do not advertise
-- Do not bump posts here
-- Only post your social media info here if you want more followers or friends
-- This isn't a pornographic website, so don't share information or add anybody if
all you're gonna do is harass them by asking for nudes, keep in mind this section is
open to all people, so make sure you know the users age before adding them, don't be a creep.
-- If you're a child, be sure to ask parents permission before adding anybody within' this section.
-- Use at your own risk, ITRK Global and it's administration team will not be held responsible for actions
committed outside the website, if you see something that shouldn't be within' this website, report it by clicking
the (!) Exclamation mark found either on the top or bottom right hand corner of the topic post.

Also the forums Terms of Service  ITRK Rules apply, if you disagree with these rules, do not use this section nor the forums, for help deactivating your account, contact me or a fellow administrator for help.

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2 Re: Social Sharing Rules on April 12th 2018, 3:43 pm


For help and support for this section, contact ITRK Developer @“Sheldon Gelinas”

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