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Update 4/12/2018

on April 12th 2018, 9:08 pm
Here's a update list for 4/12/2018, update by @Rondell 

Rank System

New Rank Badge Designs for Affiliates, Administrators, Developers and Founder. 
 Removed the Ranks Images from New Members and Regular Members.

Forums & Topics

  Added new forum called "Memes" & "Dark Memes"
Dark Memes section requires membership to the group "Dark Memes" in order to post there.
 Added a news thread called "Global News" 
 Added a new thread called "Social Sharing"
 Added a new category called "Misc" which contains "Memes, Dark Memes, Media, Artwork & Pictures, and Global News" 
 Removed the market area.

Themes & Display

Went back to our original theme. 
Updated the Affiliates page to fit with the current themes. 

Administration Team

 We've added @Sheldon Gelinas to the ITRK Developers team.

Social Media

 New Facebook Group called "ITRK Global Group" created by @Sheldon Gelinas
to join it, click this link

Accounts & Login

 Account Activation is disabled, you can register to ITRK Global without the need to activate your account,
account activation will be disabled until 5/1/2018 
 Removed Topic'it from Login. 
 Updated the Facebook Login to work with our current forum version and settings.

-- That's all for this update.
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