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descriptionUpdate 4/14/2018

Here's a update list for 4/14/2018, update by @Rondell

Forums & Topics

 When creating a post, you'll notice the ITRK Global logo displayed inside the editor. [Display]
 Fixed the emojis, they're now back on here again. They're inside the '  ' icon in the editor.

Ranks And Groups

 Updated the ranks, they're now colored, for example ]Administrator], ]Developer], ]Affiliates]
 Removed the rank images, as they were either always broken or would not display properly..

Wipe Notice

All old topics within' the forums that are old and inactive will be wiped clean from the website, this is exceptional for posts that's marked as Sticky, Announcement or Global Announcements, this wipe will occur 4/16/2018 and will be done by @Rondell. If you have a topic that's old & inactive and feel that it shouldn't be wiped off, then go and bump your topic. 
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