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Read Me!

on April 22nd 2018, 10:13 am
Welcome to this shop, owned by @Sheldon Gelinas

Right now the only thing available within' this shop is what's listed below. 

  • Instagram
  • Likes, Comments & Followers

  • Facebook
  • Page Likes

  • Snapchat
  • Friends

If you're interested in buying one of the following above, create a new topic, title the topic similar to the following below. 
Want to buy - Facebook - Page Likes or Facebook Likes make the title relevant to what you're interested in buying. 

PayPal is the only preferred method allowed on ITRK Global, do not send checks via mail, do not provide credit card to one another via PM or here, don't use anything other than PayPal.. 

Do not purchase these goods from another member of ITRK Global, the seller of these goods are by @Sheldon Gelinas, if you're wanting to sell something similar to what this user sells, please contact me at @Rondell to have your own store setup. 

Once the money is sent to the seller and is received, your order will be considered pending, it's up to the seller to keep you updated on your order status via PM, if you don't receive a response from the seller regarding your order, consider contacting your bank for a dispute, do not dispute your orders if they're completed. 

I, nor anyone else on ITRK Global is responsible for what is sold here, and what occurs when making orders, this is between you, and the seller. 

Do you wanna leave this seller a rating?
ratings are helpful to the seller because it shows other users how this seller is, whether they're trust worthy, or not, it's recommended to always leave an rating when your orders are completed.
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