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Read Me regarding making guides.

on April 29th 2018, 11:39 pm

Wanna make a gaming guide?

That's perfectly fine, this section is opened to any & all sorts of gaming guides, whether it's for something in PC, Play Station, Xbox or whatever. be sure when creating a topic title to make it something like this 

[PS4 Guide] How to get objective in GTA 5 
Or How to beat final level in gtav pc. 

Make sure to include which game the guide about, and the platform the game is on, because some games are different between consoles. 

Creating guides how to get games for free.

We all love playing games, who doesn't? But it's also nice to help support these developers in paying for their games, if you find a game that originally
you'd have to pay for it but can get it free via here, consider getting it as like a free-to-play demo, and always consider paying and buying an actual copy of
the game in the future. 

ITRK Global isn't gonna be held responsible for the games post here, if you post a guide on how to get a free to play game, please remember you could potentially be hit with copyright strike from these companies who owns and developed the game.
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